Remezcla: Badass Brazilian Fashion Killa Making Waves in São Paulo Rap

There are certain moments in the video for Lay’s remix of Desiigner’s ominous trap ode to the white BMW X6 where she stops your heart. Lay walks an empty city highway that one imagines was cleared just for her, out of respect for her force. A sudden pivot and low crouch reveal her thong through a missing panel of her black, rippling Missy Elliott pants. She tugs down the front zipper of her cropped jacket with a menacing stare. They are forceful reminders of who is in charge, and the fact that Lay will use the tools at her feminine disposal to enforce her authority. You can find more of these electric shocks on her 129129 EP, which was released earlier this year and boils with calls to arms and tales of women gone bad. Matéria por Caitlin Donohue. Leia mais em Remezcla

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